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Sedimentology Working Group (SCG) workshops are a meeting platform consisting of various institutions and researchers from universities in Turkey. The platform has been established to sedimentology work of colleagues in communications and ensure the enhancement of cooperation, develop sedimentology training and practices, investigate solutions to identify professional problems, new technical and scientific to share developments in Turkey.

Sedimentology Working Group 2019 workshop will be hosted by Fırat University, Department of Geological Engineering in Elazığ, Turkey during September 5-8, 2019. Theme of the workshop is “Depositional Marine Systems” and related areas. For more detailed information, please click Workshop Theme page.

The first two days (5th-6th September) of the workshop will host oral and poster presentations including related theme, while third and fourth day (7th – 8th September) will save for the field trip.

Abstract submission extended to 12 July 2019.

See you in Elazığ!


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